STEM CON + Beyond is hosted and organized by the amazing, spectacular, and undeniably dedicated Kerry Tracy.



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Both! While we started three years ago as an elementary conference, we’ve been growing the secondary content each year. You will find a lot of content applies to secondary teachers and homeschoolers.

You can find the best-fit grade levels for each session on the images and in descriptions on our Sessions by Day page.

Our presenters include engineers, master educators, authors, and subject-matter experts.

You can find our past presenters and upcoming presenter information as it becomes available here.

We have six options for PD credits. Each organization/institution has its own fees and deadlines, summarized in the PD Credits Options section (above the FAQ).

You do not have to take days off for this conference as you will have access to all content through Aug. 31, 2023*.

You can watch the sessions on your own time. Please note that there are some deadlines for the PD credits, depending on the option you choose. You’ll find those details in PD Credits Options section (above the FAQ).

That said, attendees in the past have mentioned they were glad they did take the Friday of conference off to soak everything in and attend the live sessions. We’ve added a complimentary sub plan activities inside the conference site that work well for grades 2-6, and could work for older and younger students with a few modifications.

*Note: If you add-on the 2022 Video Vault during registration, access to all sessions, except Dr. Shaun Woodly’s, will extend to April 19, 2024.

Due to contractual obligations, access to Dr. Shaun Woodly’s presentation (Connection Rules Everything Around Me: Using the Power of Relationships to Transcend and Transform) cannot be extended past Aug. 31, 2023. 

Access to Pop-Up Facebook Group

The pop-up Facebook group will be open throughout the month of April 2023. It will be archived April 30, 2023. At the time it is archived, group members will continue to be able to access and search the group, but no new members, posts or comments can be added.

Yes, we do! Each year, we offer a Conference At-a-Glance PDF that remains updated as information becomes available. We’ve also made an email template you can use to share with your principal how the sessions align with your professional goals.

Refunds are available through April 1, 2023. After that date we will not issue refunds.

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