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Conference Mission & Format

Our conference is held online for maximum reach, affordability and accessibility. We believe that teachers, just like their students, ALL deserve access to high-quality educational experiences.

Our goal is to provide practical, engaging, and affordable training that re-energizes teachers and fuels their passion for teaching!

The conference is delivered online in hybrid format, with both pre-recorded sessions and live-streamed sessions & panels.

This gives us the opportunity to develop community, ask & answer questions, and not have to choose between sessions. In our opinion, teachers deserve it all!

Attendees retain access to all content and replays for a full year, giving everyone the time to digest and revisit content on their own schedules.


While the acronyms STEM / STEAM are straightforward (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), the implementation isn’t always simple.

The world is changing so fast; we are preparing students for an unknowable future. We believe quality STEM education benefits everyone by teaching students to problem-solve, think critically, work collaboratively — not to mention develop creativity, risk-taking, comfort with productive failure, persistence, resilience, and growth mindset.

Each year, we bring together passionate educators, STEM professionals, authors, and subject matter experts to share their knowledge and give teachers ideas and resources to use in their classrooms right away.

Our Attendees

We serve thousands of elementary and secondary educators all around the world! While the majority of attendees were based in the United States, we welcomed educators from 24 countries.

Our attendees serve a wide range of student populations and have a variety of teaching assignments and background experience with STEM.

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