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The first STEM CON + Beyond conference was held in the spring of 2020, just as the pandemic put the world at a standstill and teachers all over the globe were coping with the immense pressure of teaching children during a worldwide emergency. Three conferences later, STEM CON + Beyond continues to support Pre-K through 12 teachers who want to bring STEM into the classroom by providing high-quality Professional Development education.

Check out a few clips from past events…

STEM CON + Beyond Clips

Panelists Weigh in on “Pushing Kids” into STEM Careers

Steve Spangler Weighs in on the Do’s & Don’ts in Science Fair Competitions

We love integrating STEM with Picture Books! Author-Illustrator Vanessa Newton-Brantley Shares the Impact of Her Favorite Picture Book

Brooke Brown Shows Her STEM Process, Start-to-Finish

Author Sessions with Dr. Arlyne Simon, Andrea Beatty, and Josh Funk

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