Prize Hall: Over $7,000 in prizes! Images show STEM All Year: 9 Months of Low Prep Seasonal Challenges, a green t-shirt, a digital camera, and two activity packs.

Through the generosity of vendors & presenters, we will be raffling off over $7,000 in prizes during the conference.

How the Raffles Work

Each day of the conference, we will announce winners during our afternoon announcements and will update this page every evening. All registered attendees are automatically entered into the daily drawings. Good luck!


  • You don’t have to be present to win most of the prizes, but there will be one prize daily only available to live attendees, so be sure to tune in live if you can! Replays will be available after the session inside the conference platform and on Facebook.
  • Raffle prize winners will be notified via email from [email protected] and included in our Prize Hall. Some of our vendors are offering exclusive discounts to STEM CON & Beyond attendees. You can find these details in the Prize Hall. (The Prize Hall link will be added to this post following the live session.)
  • Winners must claim their prizes within 48 hours or we will draw a new winner before the end of April.

Prize List by Day

Friday, April 14th

The Jig Is Up Brain Challenges were created with families and educators in mind! We wanted to create a fun way to develop critical thinking and analytical skills in children. Especially to promote STEM skills in young females. What we have found is that young and old love these challenges! Our Jigsaw Brain Games keep your brain sharp.   Developing STEM skills one puzzle at a time!

Learn more at!


  1. Allison Hill
  2. Emily Stickley
  3. Kathy Edwards
  4. Jessica Churchill
  5. Kathryn Jefferson
  6. Jessica Hendershot

Community Building Makerspace Task Cards: STEM Challenge Cards Building community in your classroom or media center takes a great deal of intention and focus. Teachers often feel pressed for time by pacing guides and external pressures. Yet, community building and class building activities help form vital relationships in the classroom that help keep behavior issues at bay. Building Community Makerspace/STEM Challenge Task Cards give busy teachers the tools they need to build a highly engaging collaborative classroom that is inclusive for all types of learners while also allowing student choice in a maker station.

Learn more about Trina Deboree Teaching & Learning!


  1. Idalia Parrett
  2. Tracey Wilson
  3. Alison Riegert

In STEM Design Domino/Dice, students think critically & creatively to plan customized designs for a specific animal. This activity gives students much-needed practice defining the criteria & constraints to solve problems and thinking through design decisions from multiple angles. STEM Design Domino/Dice takes about 5-10 minutes for the simple version and comes with instructional options to layer in depth if you have more time available.

Click here for the deals on Kerry’s Design Domino/Dice!


  1. Brenda Rogers
  2. Kimberly Weishaar
  3. Brenda Stingily
  4. Nicole McGowan
  5. Jane Garner

Going Buggy Makerspace/STEM – At the end of the school year, who isn’t going buggy? The Science School Yard is donating the Going Buggy Makerspace/STEM pack at the perfect time of the year. Spring is in the air/or almost, testing season is upon us in the US and who isn’t going a bit buggy?

Click here for Renee’s Makerspace Going Buggy Insect Themed Task Cards!


  1. Kristen Burkemper
  2. Tatiana Tibbs
  3. Stacie Chalakee
  4. Nancy Casalino

Maker Teacher Tee Celebrate Makers in your classroom with this fun Maker Teacher Tee! This shirt is super soft and comes in a variety of colors. It does run a bit small, so make sure to go up a size or two.

Use STEMCon for 15% off teacher tees until Monday, April 30 here!


  1. LeAnn McCraw
  2. Stephanie Palumbo

Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers (Paperback book), is the second illustrated nonfiction book highlighting the stories, careers, and superpowers of thirty-four real-life energy superheroes, women! These women install solar panels, dig wells miles into the ground, connect zigzagging power lines, and drive us into the future with battery-powered cars. A great introductory book for your classroom to help students learn how energy is used to light our cities, build our homes, charge our favorite devices, and so much more.

Learn more about Everyday Superheroes!


  1. Donna Sabala
  2. Tina Steiner
  3. April Sarff

This STEM SurTHRIVEal kit contains 26 STEM Resources From 13 Of Your Favorite Authors — With Over $124 In Resources

The resources cover a wide variety of content & topics:



Life Science

STEM Careers

STEM + Lit



Posters and more!!! 

The bundle is available for $20 to attendees-available to purchase until April 30th!


  1. Krista Hay
  2. Jamie Horvath
  3. Nikki Gardner
  4. Terri Harris
  5. Lisa Herring
  6. X
  7. X
  8. X
  9. X
  10. X
  11. X
  12. X
  13. X
  14. X
  15. X

Seasonal STEM: All Year Bundle This product features all 20 of the Playful STEM Seasonal STEM challenges. Spark creative thinking in your students with STEM challenges designed to follow the seasons of the year.

Check out Playful STEM’s TPT Store!


  1. Anita Whitin
  2. Erika Myers

Tech Blooms – Leader Toolkit Tech Blooms are a fantastic project to illuminate botany with a cool tech twist. This Leader Toolkit has all the resources to activate STEAM learning and Maker fun. Enjoy robust curricular tools plus a starter kit of supplies to create charming flower sculptures enhanced with LED lights. This program sparks robust learning across disciplines ~ engineering, life science, technology art & math. Plus learners dive deep into the design process while boosting 21st century skills. Great for all ages!

Spark life-long wonder & invention with Eurekus!


  1. Emily Owen
  2. Lisa Herman
  3. Jennifer Chau

Access to the Video Vault & SCB 23 through April 16, 2024 You’ll get all of last year’s conference content & downloads, plus over 7 months of extra access to this year’s content. You’ll have everything available in your conference library through April 16, 2024.

The Video Vault is available for $36 to attendees-available to purchase until April 30th!


  1. Sheila King
  2. Keely Norton
  3. Jessica Kenerly
  4. Rachael Stinson
  5. Samantha Yuhanick
  6. X
  7. X
  8. X
  9. X
  10. X
  11. X
  12. X
  13. X
  14. X
  15. X

STEM Starters Weekly emails from Steve Spangler & Kesler Science with highly engaging lessons that feature a STEM concept and encourage students to use 21st-century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity as they reflect on and share their personal discoveries. 

Learn more about creating unforgettable learning experiences with Steve Spangler!


  1. Jennifer Bearden
  2. Christopher Brannon
  3. Monica Moreland
Saturday, April 15th

STEM Sparks Make Space Task Cards Need ideas for a Maker Space or a Tinker Lab? Looking for challenges to share in a classroom center, library studio or virtually? In Set One, Get Caught Engineering has put together 36 ready-to-go task cards of invention challenges for the classroom. Students can draw their answers, write a solution, or build a prototype. Get Caught Engineering has a series of six STEM Sparks Maker Space Task Card Sets available with a wide range of topics to spark a student’s creativity. 

Learn more about Get Caught Engineering!


  1. Rita Miller
  2. Yasha Sterling
  3. Kelly Riley

STEM Challenge Earthquake Resistant Structures This STEM activity features an earthquake simulation with students building and shaking! You will love the shake tray instructions and ready-made editable lab sheets. This engineering project will become a favorite of your student’s as they build the structures and cheer when they remain standing. The resource includes an 11-page teacher’s guide, instructions for making your own shake tray, 3 versions of the challenge using different building materials, editable forms for students, a scoring rubric, and photos.

Check out Teachers-Are-Terrific’s TPT Store!


  1. Jessica Everitt

End of the Year Beach Themed Makerspace STEM Challenges STEM/Makerspace Challenges in a Beach Days Theme are the perfect Makerspace task cards for your end-of-the-year beach theme. These STEM challenges are a great companion to an End-of-the-Year-Beach Unit or as a stand-alone activity. You are going to love encouraging your students to work through the Engineering Design Process. Each challenge is based on a problem that you may encounter while at the beach. Enjoy!

Learn more about Trina Deboree Teaching & Learning!


  1. Janet Wells
  2. Michael Millard
  3. Jamie Mitchell

TpT Gift Card Shop for what you need at TPT! 

Learn more about STEM Activities for Kids!


  1. Sheri Stilts
  2. Brittany Crouch
  3. Cindy Maten
  4. Servera Grace
  5. Brandi Pellissier

Ocean Activity Centers with STEM Dive into STEM with ocean themed hands-on centers from Get Caught Engineering. Using simple and easy to locate materials, the seven centers encourage discussion and exploration of ocean science and engineering for grades 1-6. Perfect for Family Stem Night, classroom centers, and camp enrichment programs. These lessons were developed for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum for their family workshops.

Learn more about Get Caught Engineering!


  1. Denise Orndorff
  2. Sara Casner
  3. Kathy Anastasio

Quick Build STEM Activities Bundle – 45 pack Quick Build STEM Activities are the perfect addition to any elementary or middle school classroom. Teachers who are limited on STEM time will love using these simple STEM activities in centers, makerspaces, choice boards, simple STEM sub plans and more!

Quick Build STEM Challenges:

Are quick & easy to implement (~15-20 minutes) 

Use 5 or fewer simple materials

Emphasize problem-solving & critical thinking

Focus on two or more STEM strands (science, technology, engineering, math)

Have built-in self differentiation; students choose between two options for each challenge

Have editable student pages so you can make any changes needed for your students

Click here for the deals on Kerry’s Quick Build STEM Activities Bundle!


  1. Dr. Francisca White
  2. Cindy Grant
  3. Sara Guerra
  4. Lesley Pike
  5. Laura Benavidez

Her Eyes on the Stars: Maria Mitchell, Astronomer Book Maria Mitchell’s curiosity about the night sky led her to spend hours studying the stars. She discovered a comet as a young woman, winning an award from the King of Denmark for being the first person to discover a new comet using a telescope.

Now famous as “the lady astronomer,” Maria went on to become a professional astronomer, an unheard of achievement for a woman in the 19th century. She was the first woman to get any kind of government job when she was hired by the United States Naval Observatory. Then as the first woman astronomy professor in the world, Maria used her position at Vassar College to teach young women to set their sights on the sky, training new generations of female astronomers. Her story inspires all of us to reach for the stars.

Learn more about Laurie Wallmark’s Award-Winning Children books!


  1. Nancy Bush

Makerspace Teacher Tee Celebrate Makerspace with this teacher tee!

Check out Trina Deboree’s Etsy shop for 15% off here!


  1. Cera Nelson
  2. Samaria Richardson

One copy each of How to Code a Sandcastle and How to Code a Rollercoaster Author Josh Funk is giving away copies of the acclaimed picture books How to Code a Sandcastle and How to Code a Rollercoaster, illustrated by Sara Palacios.

Check out more of Josh Funk’s awesome books!


  1. Katherine Kriletich
  2. Barbara Taylor-Chrystak

Signed book & 15-minute Zoom visit Win a signed copy of Layla and the Bots: Happy Paws and a 15-minute virtual Q&A with author Vicky Fang!

Check out Vicky Fang’s website!


  1. Jena Petrie

1 Year of Access to StarrMatica’s Library of Leveled Science Texts Would you like to find a nonfiction text quickly and easily for every science topic you teach? And would you like all your students to be able to read that text independently?  StarrMatica has a library of nonfiction texts for kindergarten through fifth grade written at different Lexile levels so all your students can read the same content. Each text was written by a published children’s author, reviewed by university professors, and recorded by a professional voice talent for extra optional support. Plus, each text comes with graphic organizers, writing prompts, and a quiz you can customize.  StarrMatica is giving away a one-year membership to their entire library of texts for one lucky STEM Con attendee.  And if you aren’t the winner, don’t worry, you can still use coupon code: STEMCON to get $20 off your membership.  The coupon code is good through next Saturday the 22nd, and you can choose your start date.

Learn more about how StarrMatica is a company of teachers focused on helping our colleagues to be rock star science teachers!


  1. Kimberly Citrone
Sunday, April 16th

Grit Lesson Makerspace Task Cards: Makerspace Story Stations Character Education Character education, a Growth Mindset focusing on Grit in your classroom or media center, takes a great deal of engagement and problem-solving if we want to keep students focused and under control. Teachers often want great book titles that focus on Grit. Students need lots of examples of characters using grit. Makerspace task cards/ STEM challenges are perfect for community building, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration while engaging students in examples of grit.

Learn more about Trina Deboree Teaching & Learning!


  1. Jackie McGarrity
  2. Heather Cherry

STEM Build a Table Challenge This task has been designed to guide students in a thorough STEM learning experience involving research, planning, designing, testing, construction, extension, and reflection. The simple and easy-to-follow instructions help to make each stage of the process kid-friendly and interesting. It includes guides, templates, and reflection prompts to help you run an engaging STEM challenge with your students.

Check out Mrs. T’s website for more information!


  1. Tonya Simms
  2. Darryl Hawkins


  1. Margaret Williams
  2. Michelle Crooker
  3. Janaye Danko
  4. Sheila Magovern

Who Invented Gummy Worms? A Reading and Engineering Activity The Who Invented …? Series provides opportunities for students to learn about everyday items that students are familiar with, probably use and often take for granted. After reading about the items and answering comprehension questions, students solve a hands-on engineering challenge with the item. Topics in the series include various popular food items, toys, school supplies and art tools.

This STEM packet explores a favorite candy of children – gummy worms. A fun experience with an interesting food invention. Integrate STEM and ELA as a center activity, morning work, or as a fantastic substitute teacher lesson.

Learn more about Get Caught Engineering!


  1. Jennifer Castaneda
  2. Amy VonHoltum
  3. Melanie Hemmert

End of the Year Camp Themed STEM Challenges STEM/Makerspace Challenges in a Camp Theme are the perfect Makerspace task cards for your end-of-the-year camp theme. These STEM challenges are a great companion to an End-of-the-Year Camp Unit, or as a stand-alone activity. You are going to love encouraging your students to work through the Engineering Design Process with these thought-provoking Makerspace/STEM Challenges in both print and digital versions.

Each challenge is based on a problem that you may encounter while at camp or camping. Students are given a challenge that a camper may face and works to ask, imagine, plan, create, reflect, and revise a solution for the problem or revise an already existing solution.

Learn more about Trina Deboree Teaching & Learning!


  1. Jackie McGarrity
  2. Heather Cherry

Creativity Activities Bundle Looking for fast & simple ways to teach kids to access their inner creativity and imagination? Give students the practice they need flexing those brain muscles with these creativity activities:

>> STEM Improv is a quick STEM activity to work on creativity, mental flexibility & the planning step of the Engineering Design Process (EDP).

>>Creativity Clouds is a simple activity where students are given an image of clouds and use it to inspire a drawing. (Print & paperless options are included in this resource.)

>>8 Ways to Use is a simple activity where students are shown an image and have to come up with 8 different ways to use it. We encourage them to “vary the verb” in order to stretch their minds for unexpected uses.

Click here for deals on Kerry’s Creativity Activities Bundle!


  1. Sondra Pelta
  2. Josh Freedman
  3. Bethany Daniels
  4. Lynn Street
  5. Erica Goldman

1 Month Subscription to Elementary Technology Curriculum The Elementary Technology Curriculum includes over 200 lessons and activities for grades K-5 that will save you so much time coming up with what to do in the computer lab. We are excited to offer one month free to this raffle prize winner.

Click here for more Technology Curriculum!


  1. Tom Walsh

44 Weeks of Creativity and Critical Thinking Activities for STEM Sub Plans and Bellringers This bundle works beautifully for you transition into STEM class, STEM sub plans or STEM centers that require no materials & are low prep / no prep or your students struggle with  — you’ll love this bundle!

The activities will help students develop creativity, critical thinking & curiosity. Best of all they:

> are very low prep

> require no materials beyond paper & pencil (not even that is needed if you have 1:1 technology)

> focus on creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and observation skills

> help students shift their minds into thinking like scientists to prepare them for your lessons

**Can be extended for more in-depth experiences with tips inside the resources**

Click here for deals on Kerry’s 44 Weeks of Creativity and Critical Thinking Activities Sub Plans!


  1. Susan Deford
  2. Diana Matthews
  3. Elizabeth Tichy
  4. Shawn Furgerson
  5. Janine Jones

Mini-Maker Kits with free 1-year access-pass to all projects (this is actually both physical and digital) Unleash the Magical Powers of Play with a Mini-Maker Kit and All-Access-Pass to tons of cardboard-based modeling STEM projects by 3DuxDesign. The mini maker kit includes all the materials you need to build prototypes, architect new buildings, and make simple machines. Level up with circuits and motors for endless STEM project ideas for your class!

At 3DuxDesign, we believe the true value of education is not only about academic success and subject learning but more about the how students use their knowledge and apply it to the world outside the classroom.

With the 3DuxDesign cardboard modeling system and community-centered design challenges, students are inspired to imaginatively and practically think through solutions to real world problems they see around them. They learn STEM and critical 21st century skills as they work together on projects with impact. 3DuxDesign modeling sets and learning resources offer youth a deeper, more authentic learning experience that expands beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Click here to learn more about 3DuxDesign!


  1. Joanie Ratchford
  2. Mariko Fitzpatrick
  3. Erica Butler
  4. Emily Mendoza
  5. Amber Russell

K-5 STEM Picture Book Guides Ebook (500+ picture books!) Are you spending time searching for science picture books and then trying to figure out the best way to use them in your lesson? Emily Starr has spent the last year reviewing hundreds of STEM picture books, aligning them to the Next Generation Science Standards, and creating an easy-to-use guide to accompany each book.

She is giving away five copies of her digital ebook that includes one-page guides for over 500 STEM-themed picture books! Each guide includes discussion questions and an activity idea –  and are perfect for easy sub-plans, one day lessons between longer units, introductions or wrap ups to longer explorations, and small group work. If you aren’t the winner, you can still take advantage of a 20% discount on everything in Emily’s TPT shop, StarrMatica STEM, until Monday night at midnight.

Click here to take advantage of her 20% discount!


  1. Madeline Tejeda
  2. Jennifer Zuppinger
  3. Robyn Saunders
  4. Marianne Emery
  5. Toni Corrado

R.E.B.E.L Teaching by Dr. Yen Verhoeven
Winners will receive a signed paperback copy of Dr. Verhoeven’s book when it comes out this August (must have a US-based address; International winners will receive an e-copy).

All STEM CON & Beyond attendees are offered a special discount on the REBEL Mover & Shaker Package for $30 dollars off through the end of April!

That package includes:

  • 1 digital copy + 1 signed paperback of the book
  • A personal thank you note
  • Ticket to virtual launch party
  • REBEL Bag O’ Swag
  • Access to my Author Community
  • Access to the REBEL Leadership Virtual Course
  • …and they will appear in the Acknowlegements, and they will be involved in selecting the cover and final title of the book.

Click here to take advantage of her $30 discount on the REBEL Mover & Shaker Package available through April 30!


  1. Megan Algreen
  2. Ingrid Mayyasi
  3. Daniel Vokal
  4. Kelle Parks
  5. Dawn Barton
  6. Tara Counts
  7. Brigitta Alarcon
  8. Christine Lauber
  9. libby deely
  10. Linda Ruffner
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